General Instructions

  1. Adding a Press Page
  2. Adding a Blog Page

Written Instructions


  • 200px x 200px Thumbnail of the relevant article
  • Either a link to the original article (much preferred) or a scan of the article resized to be a reasonable size on the web and uploaded to the file manager on the website.
  • The video shows you how to link to an external website to show an article. If however you wish to link to a pdf or JPEG you have upoaded to the website Media Manager, you must do the below(in a new tab). The aim here is to upload an image file and get the URL of the uploaded file.
  1. Go to Media > Library
  2. Upload your article via the drag and drop interface
  3. Once uploaded it will  show you the file has crunched and then offer you an edit link on the right hand side - click this
  4. This tales you to a full page of info on the image you have uploaded, on the right hand side you will see a box that says File URL - click on this and select all the text. This is the link on the net where your full file is.
  5. Now close down media manager and open the tab where you were adding the button to your press post and paste in the URL you have copied into the link box.
  6. Continue as per the video.


  • 200px x 200px Thumbnail of the blog post
  • The full blog post image to be embedded, maxiumum width 900px.

ONLINE THUMBNAIL IMAGE EDITING to make a 200PX square Thumbnail.

  • click link to IMAGE EDITOR on the right hand sie
  • click browse and find you image on your hard drive
  • Click on adjustment (bottom left)
  • Click Resize
  • Enter 200 Width and leave the height to auto adjust
  • Now click Crop
  • Type in the Image Height - 200PX
  • This creates a window - drag it around to choose your section
  • Click Apply bottom right. This will create you a 200px square Thumbnail
  • Top Left - click SAVE
  • Label the image something nice and drag the Quality bar to 60 so the image size is approx 60KB