1. Resize images in advance to be 400px x 1000 px and 72 dpi
  2. Login to the website using the details sent.
  3. Here is an Introduction to the File Manager, watch this on the first time you enter the website
  4. Now the aim is to upload all our resized images. Watch this video here first Uploading multiple images and adding new file sets. We are going to be uploading images 400px x 1000 px tall 72 dpi to the File Set 400x1000. 
  5. Having uploaded your new files, we need to put them into alphabetical order as all new files to a set get tagged on the end. Watch this video here Re-ordering files sets for galleries and slideshows. This explains what you need to do. It is a fairly quick job to see the files at the bottom of the list and drag them into place.
  6. Then save your edits.
  7. Log out of the website  and refresh and your new images should load.