Handy Hint!

SHIFT + ENTER = gives line break

ENTER - gives a full return to a new style



  • Create your document and save as a PDF
  • Ensure the file is titled correctly. No spaces, and consistent to the new format Simply_Money_Spring_2017.pdf. Putting the season followed by the year at the end.
  • Create the text you wish to put in your post in NOTEPAD (not word) and dream up a post title


  • Upload your PDF file via the file manager
  • Assign it to the relevant set or sets in the file manager (it can be in multiple sets)
  • Now go to Composer and create your post.
  • Choose which section within the News & Views it will be posted in (I can only be in one)
  • Paste in the text from NOTEPAD  (if doing from Word you must use the paste special function to strip out the formatting from Word)
  • insert your links and embed your document