London Childrens Ballet - Site specific instructions

  1. Add Blog
  2. Editing A Blog Post
  3. Add Testimonial
  4. Edit Homepage block
  5. Editing the Complex Slider
  6. Adding / Editing Simple Slider
  7. Add Image Gallery
  8. Add Carousel
  9. Add New Ballet / Archiving a Previous Ballet / Create New Season
  10. Add to In The Media
  11. Add to the Forms Page
  12. Adding a New Page
  13. Updating the Sponsors logos

General Instructions

  1. Login
  2. Introduction to the Sitemap
  3. Adding a page via Sitemap
  4. Introduction to the File Manager
  5. Backing up the database
  6. Clearing the Cache
  7. Adding a News Post via Composer
Content Block
  1. Basic text editing and block overview
  2. Styling text content, styling headings and tips
  3. List Styling, adding custom symbols, recolour text and more tips
  4. Adding external links to text
  5. Adding internal links to text
  6. Inserting images within a content block
File Manager
  1. Introduction & general explanation
  2. Uploading a single image, editing properties and adding to an image set
  3. Uploading multiple images and adding new file sets
  4. Re-ordering files sets for galleries and slideshows
Adding Other eements
  1. YouTube Video

Image Editing with PIXL  - click here

  1. How to resize & crop an image

Image Specifications

All images at 72 dpi

Main Slide – 960 x 300 

Sponsor Logos (top right) – max width 120px max height 48px

Who We Are Portraits - max width 260px, height not greater than the length of the relevant biog.

Sponsor Logos - max width 120px

Carousel Images - should be square to avoid cropping. Downsize to a maximum size of 800px square and the site will resize them for you in case you wish to use them in a gallery.

Gallery Images - a preference to be square for the thumbnails. These may be up to 960px in any dimension.

Styling Legend