Getting Started

  1. Login
  2. Introduction to the Sitemap
  3. Introduction to the File Manager
  4. Backing up the database
  5. Clearing Cache
Content Block
  1. Basic text editing and block overview
  2. Styling text content, styling headings and tips
  3. List Styling, adding custom symbols, recolour text and more tips
  4. Adding external links to text
  5. Adding internal links to text
  6. Inserting images within a content block
File Manager
  1. Introduction & general explanation
  2. Uploading a single image, editing properties and adding to an image set
  3. Uploading multiple images and adding new file sets
  4. Re-ordering files sets for galleries and slideshows

Written Instructions


  • Find the page you wish to edit > put it into Edit Mode
  • Click Add Block on the relevant area that you wish to add the file too
  • Click File
  • Choose your file from the file manager (or upload a new one)
  • Enter the Text for your link
  • Click Save


ONLINE THUMBNAIL IMAGE EDITING to make a 1016PX X 322px  Banner.

  • click the link to IMAGE EDITOR on the right hand side here (
  • click browse and find your image on your hard drive
  • Click on adjustment (bottom left)
  • Click Resize
  • Enter 1016 for the Width and leave the height to auto adjust.
  • Now click Crop
  • Type in the Image Height - 322PX
  • This now creates a window- drag it around to choose your section
  • When you are happy click Apply bottom right. This will create your a Banner Image 
  • Top Left - click SAVE
  • Label the image something nice and drag the Quality bar so the image size is approx 80KB.
  • Now the file will be wherever you have saved it too and you can upload it to the website.


ONLINE THUMBNAIL IMAGE EDITING for images within pages.

Follow the process above except resize images to 250PX wide.