Richard Gasper

The key instruction videos for you to watch are.
For editing the info page text:
  1. Basic text editing and block overview
For uploading images to the website (resized already)
There is no specific video for the gallery block, however with a modicum of common sense it should be easy enough. I can make a vid if needs be.
1, Put the page into edit mode.
2, Edit the Galleria Image Gallery Block
3, Use the Add Image button to put in new images to the gallery
4, Enter the description as required 
5, Use the arrows far right to nudge and reorder images.
Do look at the other tutorial videos and written tutorials as it should make everything nice and clear.

General Instructions

  1. Login
  2. Introduction to the Sitemap
  3. Introduction to the File Manager
  4. Backing up the database
  5. Clearing the Cache
  6. Adding a News Post via Composer
Content Block
  1. Basic text editing and block overview
  2. Styling text content, styling headings and tips
  3. List Styling, adding custom symbols, recolour text and more tips
  4. Adding external links to text
  5. Adding internal links to text
  6. Inserting images within a content block
File Manager
  1. Introduction & general explanation
  2. Uploading a single image, editing properties and adding to an image set
  3. Uploading multiple images and adding new file sets
  4. Re-ordering files sets for galleries and slideshows